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Visible Panty Line

Underwear on a washing line for post about visible panty line

Kink of the Week November 16 – 30: Visible Panty Line

Visible Panty Line often just called VPL is the lines that can be seen beneath your clothes created by the underwear you have on. Whilst the word panty suggests underwear traditionally worn by women for the case of this prompt gender has nothing to do with it. Think visible undies line rather than just panties.

So do you have a thing for VPL? Is there something about catching sight of it that just makes you smile to yourself. Maybe you have certain outfits that you know give good VPL or maybe the opposite is true and you make sure that it is never visible. Do you even go commando at times to ensure a lack of VPL?

Perhaps it is the glimpse of a thong riding up as someone bends over or the waist band of their undies showing above their trousers. Or the line of their boxers across their thigh that you can see when they sit down. Do you want to reach out to your lover and trace that line. Do you see it and think about getting them home and undressing them?

For some people the sight of it is exciting, suggestive even because it leads them down a path of imaging someone’s underwear. After all we are not really meant to see each others pants and so there the VPL can feel like an illicit glimpse of something that is meant to be private.

A note on consent here. We all see strangers on the street or out in the world and can have a erotic response to them. The way a persons jeans fit, the cut of their top, their beard or hands. The moment your eyes meet. Someone’s VPL. It’s all fine as long as you are not then weird and creepy with someone. Never mention to a stranger… “Oh I can see your VPL” etc. So when I am talking about this subject I just want to be clear on that aspect of it. Basically don’t be a creeper.

So let’s talk about visible undie lines…. hell yes, oh no or indifference?

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