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Molly topless climbing trees

Kink of the Week Aug 1 – 16: Dendrophilia/Trees

Dendrophilia quite literally means love of trees. It can also refer to a fetish where you are sexually attracted to or sexually aroused by trees.

Trees have been worshipped and celebrated by humans since, well pretty much as far back of human history can be traced there are early images that show trees being part of human life in some way. They have been since as scared and connected to life and birth and health throughout the world and human history.

The oldest tree currently resides in California and has been dated as being 5,076 years old. That trees has seen a LOT!

Trees have been closely linked to our survival. Providing us fruit/food, fuel, shelter and of course being vital to us having clean air that we can breath and yet as well as worshipping trees humans have also destroyed many of them, taking them for granted which we are now paying a price for.

But enough trees, let’s talk about you and trees. Do you have a strong affinity for trees or maybe one in particular. Is there a tree you love the most. One you tend to head to when you want to sit and relax or be calm? Or maybe there you have favourite wood or forest that you love?

Do you hug trees? Do you find yourself caressing their trunk and admiring their beauty. Is your eye drawn to a particular tree in the woods because of it’s shape or look?

Have you ever fucked up against a tree? Or laid in its shade and had a wank?

Or maybe a tree features in a fantasy you have… do you imagine being tied up to one and whipped, or maybe tied to one and fucked?

Or maybe you it is the tree itself that turn you on.

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, desires, kinks around biting come and share them here on Kink of the Week

Image by Molly’s Daily Kiss

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