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Leather crop against Molly's thigh for post about crops

Kink of the Week Nov 16 – 30: Crops

“A crop, sometimes called a riding crop or hunting crop, is a short type of whip without a lash, used in horse riding, part of the family of tools known as horse whips.” ~ Wiki

The crop seems to have become one of those fairly standard tools of BDSM impact play. Hire any private dungeon or play space and you can pretty much guarantee that along side the canes and floggers you will find a selection of crops.

There are of course the fairly standard equestrian riding crops. You can get lovely ones from tack shops often at a fraction of the price of what you would pay for something from a sex/kink shop and often far better made. They tend to come in a variety of length too.

However there are many crops now that are made specifically for the BDSM and Kink market with heart shaped leather tongue or something similar.

So do you have a crop in your kink toy collection?

Are you the person who wields said implement or are you the one on the receiving end?

What do you love about a crop? The feel of it, the sound, the marks it leaves? Maybe you like them because they are part of a pony play or animal play kink.

Or perhaps they are one of those toys that is a big fat no for you? What about them doesn’t work for you?

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