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Medical Play

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Kink of the Week Aug 1 – 16: Medical Play

Medical play is a type of kink BDSM play that can involves many all sorts of medical scenarios and procedures from role play type scenes, think Doctor and patient etc to actual procedures like needle play, bandaging, gynaecology tables etc.

Some of those topics are have been tackled here in their own right such as needle play, speculum and staples but feel free to write about them if that is your interest that fits under this topic but as I said medical play is fairly broad kink that could involve all sorts of things so feel free to share what it means for you.

Maybe you have a Doctor/patient fantasy that you get off too or maybe you it’s a Doctor/Nurse one? Are you the Doctor or the patient in your fantasy? Where does it take place? Is there an element of consensual non consent to it? Being inspected, also a kink we did fairly recently, often has a medical aspect to it so maybe that is part of your fantasy.

Have you ever acted out a medical fantasy? Did it involve dressing up or equipment? Was it all you hoped it to be or did it fall short compared to what you imagined?

Maybe your medical play kink is about a specific thing like bandages, scalpels, enemas or needles for example. What about them turns you on?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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