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Sex Workers

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Kink of the Week September 16-30: Sex Workers

At first I was skeptical about this topic but the more I thought it the more I decided that it definitely fits into the world of kink in various different ways

Firstly as a role play kind of thing. Lots of people have a fantasy that centres around paid for sex in some form or other. Some people like the idea of being the one doing the paying and others like the idea of being the one taking the money.

Secondly people employ sex workers in all sorts of guises to help them explore their kinks and fetishes.

And I am sure there are some people who just have a thing for hiring sex workers. I guess there is a power element for some and or a humiliation element depending on how your approach it.

Also for the purpose of this topic I am defining sex workers as anyone who sells their service in some sort of sexual context so that might be as a full service worker, a dominatrix, a cam girl, selling used panties, lap dancing and stripping and so on.

So have you ever paid for a sexual service? Or maybe you have been the one being paid? All view points, experiences, thoughts are welcome as are fictional stories based on this topic.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Sex Workers

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