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Black leather flogger for flogging

Kink of the Week June 16-30: Flogging

Time to revisit the topic of flogging. Last covered here way back in 2013.

Flogging is a form of impact play. For many kinky folks it can be the first type of impact play that they indulge in that involves buying a very specific implement to do it with. After all you can easily pervert household objects for impact play but mostly people don’t have floggers at home for other purposes. So if you want to flog or be flogged then you have got to buy a flogger to do it with.

So have you? Do you own a flogger? Maybe you have a collection of different ones? Do you have a favourite? Maybe you don’t own one but have one you have been lusting after?

Are you the flogger or the floggee? What is it about flogging that floats your kinky boat? Tell us about the first time? The last time? A time you have imagined?

You get the idea, anything to do with flogging or floggers really. Your thoughts, desires, experiences, images, fiction…. flog it to us! (sorry, terrible pun but I couldn’t resit it)

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Flogging/Floggers

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