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Ice Play

Icicles hanging down from branch for post about ice play

Kink of the Week January 1 – 16: Ice Play. Cold Play

In the past we have covered temperature play (way back in 2013) as a general topic and since then we have also have wax play and fire but never done anything around the colder end of the temperature spectrum which seems to have been an oversight and so this week(s) we are all about ice play and cold play.

I have broken it down into ice and cold because you can explore aspects of cold sensation play without ice by using things like cold glass dildos, ice packs, cold water etc. So let’s get chilly this week and talk about cold play (not the band)

Do you love a bit of ice play? What is it about the sensation that works for you. Do you combine it with other types of play, maybe nipple clamps, impact play or even wax play? What about inserting them into body parts? (Advice – Be cautious inserting them into the anus as the cold can cause painful cramping) Have you ever sucked on an ice cube and then given someone oral sex?

Or maybe you like to explore cold sensation play in other ways. What of refrigerated glass dildos? Ice packs? Have you ever pour cold water or any other liquid on someone. What about being outdoors in the cold? Ever fucked in the snow?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

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