The Kink of the Week is where you can get your kink on!

The History of Kink of the Week

Kink of the Week was originally the brain child of Jade Melisande, inspired by a weekly discussion on Fetlife she decided to bring the idea to the sex/kink blogging world. When KotW first started it was a weekly meme, hence the name; Kink of the WEEK, but as time went on she changed that to bi-monthly to give people a longer period of time to write their posts. That scheduling continues to this day but clearly Kink of the Week sounds much better than Kink of the Bi-monthly so the name has stayed the same.

Sadly in 2015 Jade’s life was turned upside down by the unexpected and tragic passing of her partner W, resulting in her stepping back from the blogging world. At the time I (Molly) continued to run the meme on her behalf while she took all the time she needed to heal and find her way in the world again. Eventually she came to the decision that she would not be returning to hosting Kink of the Week and asked me if I wanted to take it on permanently. I hope that Jade is happy with the changes I have made and knows that I will continue to promote and support her original idea of providing a space which encourages people to explore, learn and share openly their various kinks and fetishes.

How to Join In

So if you are new to Kink of the Week or just refreshing your memory here is how things work….

Every two weeks I will post a new topic for discussion. Subscribe to KOTW to get topic notifications by email or RSS, or follow me on Twitter to see announcements.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Write your post during the time period indicated (see below for rules about content)
  2. Add the KOTW Badge to it
  3. Link to it (direct links to the post itself, not just your blog) on that week’s Kink of the Week via the linky tool on the topic post
  4. Tweet/Facebook it out with hashtags #KOTW

It’s that simple!

Rules about Content

  1. Posts can be photos, essays, erotic fiction based on the topic, poetry, musings on your own feelings about it, an educational post or posts about your experiences with it – the sky’s the limit, as long as it pertains to the topic listed.
  2. Kink of the Week is intended to highlight only original and current/new content. Please do not link in old/past posts or reblogged content from someone else.
  3. You must 18 years of age or over to take part in Kink of the Week
  4. No product reviews.
  5. No password protected posts
  6. Leave the link to your post in the link tool on the main page
  7. I reserve the right to remove any links to posts that I deem unacceptable.
  8. I can ban anyone from Kink of the Week for any reason or no reason at all.
  9. By commenting on Kink of the Week you agree that comments will be made publicly accessible at my discretion
  10. Your post MUST display the Kink of the Week badge and it must link back to here. Grab the code for the Kink of the Week button code below and embed it in your post or download the picture and insert into your post making sure that it links back to 
  11. Tweet, promote, tell your friends about it as much as you can and lastly but by no means least please don’t forget to visit the other people who are playing along and leave them some comment love.


*Please note: I try to tweet out some of the post each week that is linked into each topic but from now on (Aug 2017) if you do not have your Twitter account linked to your blog so I can easily find who you are then your post will not be tweeted out with your handle attached as I just don’t have the time to go searching for each and every persons Twitter handle.

To see a list of all the previous topics already covered use the category button in the footer.

Get the Badge code below, or you can always click on “Get the Badge” (above, on the menu bar) to get the code.

Get Your Kink On!


Copy and paste the following code into your text editor. 
If it does not work for you, download and save the image
and link to: