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Molly Moore

Men in Panties

Image courtesy of Kinky and Perky Kink of the Week November 16-30: Men in Panties This is not about cross dressing in general but the more specific aspect of it that is men wearing women’s underwear. It is not something… Continue Reading →

Female Domination

Image courtesy of Modesty Ablaze Kink of the Week November 1-16: Female Domination By this I mean dominant females not females being dominated. Also often know as Femdom, it is a type of power exchange dynamic where the female is… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week October 16-31: Ghosts It is that time of year where all things spooky come to mind and so I thought ghosts might be a topic that would be fun to explore. It is definitely a popular… Continue Reading →

Erotic Hypnosis

Kink of the Week October 1-16: Erotic Hypnosis Time to revisit a topic that has previously been covered here way back when. Oddly I have read quite a few different piece (both fiction and non-fiction) recently so it seems to… Continue Reading →

Sex Workers

Kink of the Week September 16-30: Sex Workers At first I was skeptical about this topic but the more I thought it the more I decided that it definitely fits into the world of kink in various different ways Firstly… Continue Reading →

Late Night Skinny Dipping (Guest Post)

Late Night Skinny Dipping by @pervy_thoughts Wrapped in towels, and shod in Flip Flops we headed for the pool. It was a little after Midnight. We may have been fueled slightly by alcohol. We stopped just before we reached the… Continue Reading →

Risky Sex

Kink of the Week September 1-16: Risky Sex So I got this idea from a blog post Girl on the Net a while ago and I asked her if she would be up for writing a little introduction to this… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week August 16-31: Sea/Ocean Are you a Thalassophile? According to the Urban Dictionary a Thalassophile is someone who loves the sea/ocean. I don’t know if this is a kink or a fetish but I do know that… Continue Reading →

Face Slapping

Kink of the Week August 1-16: Face Slapping Time to revisit another topic from the archives. At the time this is what Jade wrote about this topic in her introduction Face slapping can be erotic, teasing, playful, fun. It can… Continue Reading →

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