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Kink of the Week June 1 – 16: Fellatio We have indeed performed fellatio before on Kink of the Week but open wide because it is time to do it again! Blow job, Suck job, Going down, Giving head, Face… Continue Reading →

Sixty Nine

Image courtesy of Holden and Camille Kink of the Week March 1-16: Sixty Nine So we have had fellatio and cunnilingus as topics here already but what about when you combine the two into one act and the maths gives… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Sept 16-22 – Fellatio

It is somehow fitting that the Kink of the Week for this, my birthday week, should be one of my favorite activities: fellatio (suggested by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss.) Oh wait, maybe you know it by another term. From… Continue Reading →

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