It is somehow fitting that the Kink of the Week for this, my birthday week, should be one of my favorite activities: fellatio (suggested by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss.)

Oh wait, maybe you know it by another term. From the Glossary of Sexual and Scatological Euphemisms (I love how they combine sex and scat), we have an entire list of words and phrases by which this activity is commonly known:

  • B.J.
  • Blow
  • Blow Job
  • Blow the Whistle
  • Bone-Lipper
  • Chew It
  • Cop a Doodle
  • Cop a Stem
  • Drop on It
  • Eat Dick
  • Fluting
  • French Job
  • French Way
  • Get a Facial
  • Give Face
  • Give Head
  • Give Pearls
  • Gobble
  • Gobble the Goop
  • Go Down
  • Go Down for a Whomp
  • Go Down On
  • Gum a Root
  • Gunch
  • Head Job
  • Hum a Tune
  • Hum Job
  • Hummer
  • Inhale the Oyster
  • Knob Job
  • Lay Some Lip
  • Mouth Fuck
  • Munch
  • Open Wide for Chunky
  • Pipe Job
  • Piston Job
  • Play a Tune
  • Polish the Chrome
  • Polish the Knob
  • Serve Head
  • Slob the Knob
  • Smoke a Dick
  • Smoke the White Owl
  • Suck a Bondini
  • Suck Dick
  • Suck Off
  • Suck the Sugar-Stick
  • Sucky-Fucky
  • Swallow a Sword
  • Swing on It
  • Tongue Job
  • Worship At the Altar
  • Wring It Dry

Hell, I didn’t know (nor would I use) half those phrases! But what the hell, it’s part of human nature to use euphemisms, isn’t it? And hey, I admit, “fellatio” just doesn’t do the act justice.

Everybody loves a blow job, right?!?

Or do they? I know for certain that not everyone loves giving one.

Do you? Is giving or receiving a blow job a particular kink of yours? Or is it a pleasant activity, but one you can do with or or without?

Are blow jobs kinky?

Are there certain things that make them so?

And here’s the question I always turn over in my mind: is giving a blow job a submissive act? Or is the person doing it actually the one with the power?

Are you a blow job expert (at getting or receiving?) Do you have secret tips and tricks that you use to get your partner off? (Yes, I wanna hear them!) 😉

Do you use blow jobs in power exchange, as a tool to exert your control or dominance?

And now here’s the REAL question: Do you deep throat?



Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about blow jobs!

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