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Kink of the Week Oct 1-15 : Cunnilingus

*Photo courtesy of Beck and Her Kinks Looking through the list of topics I realised that we had covered Fellatio but not Cunnilngus which seemed a bit of an oversight. So it is time to put that right. Cunnilingus is… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week July 17-31 : Asses/Bottoms/Bums

This is not about anal sex, that will get its own moment in the Kink of the Week limelight in due course, but about that glorious body part the bottom. Or maybe you don’t call it that, is it an… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week July 1-16: Leashes/Leads

Clearly collars are a thing in their own right and we have already covered them here on Kink of the Week but what of collars and leashes (leads for the Brits)? Is there something about being led around by your… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week June 16-30: Chains

Chains can come in so many shapes and sizes. They can be thin little ribbons of metal that run between nipples clamps, they can be part of wrist or ankle cuffs or they can be thick and heavy and used… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – June 1-16: Anonymous Sex

I have had this one on the Kink of the Week list since I first took over from Jade but for various reasons I kept passing it over for other topics, however a few weeks back I read a story… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – May 16-31: Suits

Has 50 Shades of Grey made suit wearing just cheesy or is it such a classically good look that it can withstand one billionaire wanna be Dom? Do you love a man in a suit, or a woman for that… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – May 1-15: Face-sitting

With the recent new legislation in the UK that bans the act of Facesitting in UK produced pornography due to being “potentially life-endangering” I thought it would be a good topic for Kink of the Week to explore. Facesitting is… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – April 16-30: Urolagnia (Water sports/Golden Shower)

Apologies for the late posting of this one. The first half of the month went past faster than I anticipated. This time I thought we would indulge in something a little damp: Urolagnia is a fetish which sexual excitement is… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – March 16-31: Corsets

Breathe in, let’s tighten things up a bit and talk about Corsets. The history of Corsets is a long and varied tale with evidence of early forms of Corsetry dating back to Ancient Crete (3000 – 1200BC) but they really… Continue Reading →

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