Kink of the Week October 1 – 16: Lips and Lipstick

I have had both lips and lipsticks as possible topics on my list for ages but I feel like their might be quite a crossover between the two, for obvious reasons and so I kind of want to call this topic Lips and maybe Lipstick. Because you might have a thing for lips not related to lipstick at all or maybe your love of lips is when they are adorned with a bright red lipstick.

Does it have to be red to be a great lipstick? Do you have a favourite lipstick? Is there something about the act of putting on lipstick that you find arousing? Or maybe you love seeing it on your partner or other people. What is it about a beautifully painted set of lips that captures your attention.

Generally wearing lipstick is seen as a feminine thing but we all know that lipstick is for anyone who wants to wear it. Maybe it is something you like to wear to challenge those gender stereotypes?

Or maybe you just love lips and it is nothing to so with lipstick at all. What about pierced lips? Do you like your lips bitten? Do you like having a finger trailed across them or maybe that is something you love to do to your partner. Do you watch their lips while they are talking and smile as you remember what they feel like on your skin?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Lips and maybe Lipstick

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