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Phone Sex

Kink of the Week July 16-31: Phone Sex One night whilst I was writing a series of these prompts I asked Cara Thereon if she had any suggestions and the mentioned phone sex. We than had a discussion about whether… Continue Reading →

Penis Masturbators

Image Courtesy of Elliot Henry Kink of the Week July 1-16: Penis Masturbators We have done dildos and vibrators so it is about time that we do a sex toy for those with a penis. There is a huge variety… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week June 16-30: Shaving If you look up the word ‘Depiliation’ in the urban dictionary it says removing body hair during foreplay. For some reason I think they probably mean pubic hair although it does not say… Continue Reading →

Role Play

Kink of the Week June 1-16: Role Play Time to revisit another topic we have done before, way back in 2013. You can find that post here. Doctors and nurses, doctor and patient, teacher and student, boss and secretary, Police… Continue Reading →

Accents, Languages, Voices

Kink of the Week May 16-31: Accents, Languages, Voices. Accents was a topic that was suggested to me by someone (sorry whoever that was I have forgotten but if you let me know I will happily credit you) but I… Continue Reading →

Little Kitten – Guest Post

The person who sent this fabulous post on the subject of tails to me wishes to remain anonymous. *** I am excitable. I get excited over the smallest of things: seeing a beautiful flower in my favourite colour, watching a… Continue Reading →


Image Courtesy of Cara Thereon Kink of the Week May 1-16: Tails Not tales but tails, the furry kind that are usually attached to a butt plug! I am fairly sure this was something that originated in the pet play… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week April 16-30: Feet Here we go with another revisited topic. The topic back then wwas officially foot fetish but this time round I have changed it to just being feet. Do you find feet sexy? Do… Continue Reading →

Doggy style

Image Courtesy of Rebel’s Notes Kink of the Week April 1-16: Doggy style In the strict sense of the word doggy is a position for sexual intercourse where one partner gets down on their hands and knees and the other… Continue Reading →

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