Kink of the Week July 16 – 31: Hunting/Chasing prey

I am going to start this one off by being really clear that obviously, like all the topics here, I am referring to the Hunting/Chasing prey kink within the confines of a negotiated and therefore consensual non-consent scene.

So when it comes to this kink are you the hunter or the prey? Or maybe you have a desires to play both sides of this kinky coin.

If you are the prey, where are you? Who is hunting you? Do you know them or are they a ‘stranger’? Do they catch you? What happens then? Is this a fantasy or is this something you have done for real? If so, this is definitely the moment to share that story.

Maybe you are the hunter? Is the thrill of the chase or are you all about the capture? Do you like to string out the chase or do you go in for the capture at soon as possible? Is it a fantasy or has it ever been a reality? How much did you plan it out and how much did you leave to chance in the moment?

I am fairly sure this is not an uncommon fantasy that a lot of people have. For some people maybe it is in the woods or for others it is a chase across open land. For some it is an urban hunt and for others maybe even round the house. There are so many possibly scenarios when it comes to Hunting/Chasing prey kink.

Of course maybe the whole idea of this one leaves you cold. That is absolutely OK too and feel free to share why that is if you so wish.

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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