Kink of the Week December 16-31: Christmas

So let us finish the year of here on Kink of the Week with a very common thing that is probably not often thought of as a kink or fetish. What I have discovered from running this meme that pretty much anything and everything has been fetishized by someone at some point. Clearly some things are much more common, such as spanking, than others such as armpits but they are all still kinks so why not Christmas?

I am absolutely confident that there are people for whom Christmas is a big ole turn on. In some ways, specific ways. I might even be one of them, but you will have to read my post on the subject to find out more. Just as there are people who are totally into Christmas there will also be others who loathe the whole thing and would happily skip it.

Which are you?

Does the idea of Christmas make you want to run and hide? Would you happily give up on the decorations, gifts, food and time off work in order to stay away from the whole thing?

Or maybe Christmas fills you happiness and does that happiness also inspire a horny reaction? Do you find the decorations make you want to kiss someone, or the anticipation of gifts make you hot and bothered. Do you like the dressing up that Christmas inspires or the parties or the food? Is it something about the nature of the celebration that makes you think filthy things?

Do you have a Christmas inspired sex story to share with us. Did you kiss a crush beneath the mistletoe at the office party? Did you send someone a sexy gift for Christmas and get to use it with them? Do you have a tale of a truly memorable Christmas fuck that every year you happily reply in your mind?

If non of the above apply to you then surely you can pen a sexy piece of fiction inspired by your characters utter filthy kink for all Christmas shenanigans.

Don’t forget that Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences. Fiction posts are more then welcome, so if you want to write us a story inspired by the prompt then go for it.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Christmas

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