Kink of the Week May 16-31: Crawling

“Gonna craw into your window,
Gonna crawl into your door
Gonna crawl anyway you want now
Baby I’m gonna crawl across your floor, crawl across your floor”
~ Train Fare Home by Muddy Waters

Do I really need to explain what crawling is? Down your hands and knees and away you go.

Now crawling around on the floor looking for your earring or whatever it is you have lost is one thing but here at Kink of the Week we are looking at crawling not as a needs must activity but as a sexually charged one.

There is without doubt something sexy about crawling but that is just my opinion. What is yours?

Do you like getting down on your hands and knees for a partner? Is there something about the act which you find a turn on or does it fit in with your relationship dynamic. Perhaps you do it as part of a D/s ritual?

Alternatively maybe you like to be the one being crawled to/for. What is is about that act by a partner that works for you? Maybe it is the view of their body that you enjoy in that moment or is more than that and the submissiveness of the act is what does it for you

As is always the case posts from folks who have no desire or interest in crawling are also welcome, or even those that actively hate the idea of it. Why do you think is?

I feel like this is a topic that definitely lends itself to fiction pieces here and so if you don’t want to write about yourself then why not write a story that features crawling.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Crawling

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