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Kink of the Week February 15-28: Hands

Hand fetishism also known as Quirofilia is the sexual fetish for hands. This might be the whole hand or just fingers, nails or palms or some combination there of. It can include being turned on by hands doing every day things like washing up or writing or it can be about hands touching in a sexual manner.

So do you have a thing for hands? Are they something you tend to check out on a person? Do you like small delicate feminine hands or large strong masculine hands? Is there something about a partners hands that just gets you going? Do you like to see them on your body? Do you sit and watch them typing and day dream about them fingering you? (That might just be me) Do you like to suck on fingers or nibble on fleshy palms?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Hands

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