Kink of the Week May 16-31: Facials

Image by A to sub Bee

Obviously I don’t mean the kind you get in a beauty parlour although having said that if that is a kink for you then absolutely do feel free to write about it for this prompt but the generally agreed definition of facials in the context of sex is when someone with a penis ejaculates on another persons face.

This kink always seems to be about a penis owner ejaculating on someone’s face with no mention of a vulva owner doing the same thing but for the purpose of this topic on kink of the week I widening the definition to be either so if someone squirting on your face or you squirting on someone’s face rocks your fucking world then absolutely feel free to write about that option.

Facials are a fairly common site in mainstream media particularly in hetero-normative porn where the scene will more often than not end with the men finishing all over his female partners face. I feel like saying it is a porn trope would be fairly accurate, but most porn tropes exist for a reason. This one, like many, probably has its roots firmly in the male gaze, but I don’t think we can pass this off as a kink for straight men at all. After all I know quite a few people for whom receiving a facial is a massive turn on.

So what are your thoughts? Do you love a good face full of come or maybe you love being the one who gives it? What is it about facials that works for you? Is it the humiliation aspect or maybe it is more about the taboo nature of it that tickles your kinky fancy?

Or maybe the whole facial thing is a big old no for you? If so why is that? And don’t forget you can always pen a filthy bit of facial featuring fiction if that works best for you.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Facials

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