Kink of the Week December 1 – 16: Dogging

Dogging is a slang term for engaging in sexual acts in public or semi-public space so that others can watch and possibly join in. it often takes places in secluded car parks or beauty spots where people can sex in their cars and other will stand round and watch. Sometimes watchers are invited to join in and sometimes people make arrangements beforehand to meet at a spot and indulge in sexual activity together.

I have a feeling that Dogging is a uniquely British thing. It certainly originated in the UK although it does appear to have spread to some other countries however the UK remains one of the key country where it is relatively popular probably due to the fact that the law around it is ambiguous and mostly as long as participants find secluded areas that don’t bother other people the police tend to turn a blind eye. It is basically only an offence if “someone witnesses it, is offended and is willing to make a formal complaint.”

So now that we know what dogging is we can all write about our dogging, or lack off, experiences.

Have you ever been dogging? it is definitely a fairly common activity for both singles and couples. In fact some swingers clubs have even made dogging style areas in their locations so you can fulfil your dogging fantasy within the safe confines of their club.

Maybe you have always had a dogging fantasy but never got to indulge. Would you like to make it happen or do you like keeping it a fantasy?

What is it about dogging that works for you? The anonymous aspect? The slightly seedy aspect? The risk? The taboo of being watched? The taboo of being the watcher?

So let’s talk about dogging…. hell yes, oh no or indifference?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

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