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Moving the kink!

Welcome to the new look Kink of the Week site. The content is pretty much the same, it is just enjoying some new surroundings. As you may, or may not know, Jade has decided that she will not be returning… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Nov. 18-24: Collaring Ceremonies

Don’t forget! This is the last NEW topic for the year for the Kink of the Week! Kink of the Week will be going on a break for the holidays. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are so busy for… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Oct. 28-Nov. 3: Punishment – Real

When I first thought of this week’s topic, I debated combining play punishment & real punishment (discipline.) Why? Because I don’t know that I would call a real punishment dynamic a “kink.”  For many people that engage in BDSM as… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Oct. 21-27: Temperature Play

This week’s intro to the Kink of the Week topic is, by necessity, going to be short and sweet. Necessary because: I don’t know a lot about this kind of play; and My “real life” (read: professional/work life) went a… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Oct. 14-20: Tickling

So…who here is ticklish? And who likes to be tickled? Alternatively, who calls “red” at the thought of a tickling scene?!? I didn’t actually have “tickling” on my Master Kink List. (Yes, I keep a list that I refer to… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Sept. 23-29 – Gags

So we were talking about gagging of a sort last week… Or wait, maybe that was only the way I like giving head. 😉 Okay, let’s say we were talking about putting things in our mouths last week, so I… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Sept 9-15 – Leather

Ahhh, the smell of leather.  The feel of it. The sound of it.  Yep, I love it.  Here’s my secret though: all those things don’t make me think about BDSM. To me, leather is about saddles, and horses, and my… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Aug 19-25 – Hoods

Hoods come in all shapes, styles and materials. Some cover the entire head, some only a portion, some cover only the mouth or mouth and nose, some the whole face. Some have holes cut in them to allow access to… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week, Aug 12-18 – Protocol

What does the term “protocol”, as it relates to kink relationships, mean to you? When I first mentioned this on Twitter, @mollysdailykiss said, “I hope you get your page up before I leave. I’m curious how you define protocol.” Which… Continue Reading →

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