Fresh on the heels of last week’s rather physical Kink of the Week, I thought maybe we’d explore something a little more cerebral this week: Erotic Hypnosis. I’ve narrowed the topic to “Erotic Hypnosis,” since this blog is about kink, but I’m actually pretty curious about people’s experiences with hypnosis in general. I confess to being extra interested in the topic as I hope to meet someone in the next few weeks that practices it, and maybe even experience it myself!  So I may have (hope to have!) a personal story to share about it soon, too.

First, a brief definition. From the Erotic Hypnosis group on Fetlife:

What is erotic hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to enhance any sort of sexual situation with mental or physical effects.

Erotic uses vary immensely from person to person. The list of possibilities includes:

  • A fetish for hypnosis in general.
  • The pleasure of going in and out of trance.
  • Long trances as mental vacations, or chances to behave uncharacteristically.
  • Removal of physical or mental inhibitions.
  • Altered sensations, including arousal and pain.
  • Relaxation and floating.
  • Control over orgasms.
  • Illusory bondage.
  • Enhanced obedience or submission.
  • Creation of new fetishes.
  • More realistic role-play.

There are many groups on Fetlife devoted to the topic of erotic hypnosis, with thousands of members, so it’s obviously a hot button for a lot of people. But there are an equal number of skeptics and naysayers out there about the topic (my own partner W is one of those skeptics.)

So, where do you stand on the topic?

Do you have any personal experience with it? Seen someone hypnotized, been hypnotized yourself or hypnotized someone, for erotic play or otherwise?

Do you have personal stories to share, or a hot fantasy?

Do you even believe in hypnotism?

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