Kink of the Week April 1-16: Domestic Service, Slaves and Maids

Just recently a very dirty girl I know suggested that washing up should be a kink of the week topic. I was not convinced but she was adamant that it was a kink for her and so should be a topic. She also mentioned men cleaning floors too and that got me thinking about all the various domestic jobs there are which might be kinks for different people and so rather than just focusing on washing up this topic is about all those possible scenarios that fall under the category of domestic chores and service

Clearly domestic servitude is a kink that is often part of a Dom/sub or Master/slave dynamic. Where the bottom in the relationship gets off on performing domestic duties for the top. Is that the case for you. Is there a domestic chore element to your power exchange relationship?

Or maybe like the person who has a thing for washing up there is are certain domestic tasks that just seem to get your motor running. Are you made horny by hoovering or have a desire for dusting?

Or what about dressing up and role playing. Do you like being the naughty maid who provides more than a clean house or maybe you like to be the maid who is taken advantage of. Of course someone has to do the advantage taking so maybe that is your kink when it comes to domestic tasks.

There is also the kink of sissy maids, which is men dressing as overtly feminine maids and performing domestic chores for a female dominant.

Of course for many domestic chores are just that, chores and there is nothing sexy about them at all. All thoughts, opinions, experiences pictures and stories on this subject welcomed.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Domestic Service

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