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Praise Kink

Kink of the Week April 16 – 30: Praise Kink What is a Praise kink? Basically when someone is turned on by receiving praise or approval in some form from another person. “Oh yes, you are such a good slut”… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week April 1 – 16: Pinching Time for a redo topic as we last discussed pinching back in 2014! Pretty sure I don’t have to define what pinching so let’s get straight on with it. What kind… Continue Reading →

Danger Wank – Guest Post

Thank you to @UnabatedSam on Twitter for sharing this guest post about his early sexual explorations that led him to enjoying a danger or as he calls it, a risky wank! Danger Wank: Wanking, though I must admit that the… Continue Reading →

Danger Wank

Kink of the Week March 16 – 31: Danger Wank When I looked up the definition of Danger Wank there were a few different ones but nearly all of them mentioned the word men and or penis like only people… Continue Reading →

I am a cuck – Guest Post

I love it when someone sees a Kink of the Week topic and gets in touch saying, this one a bit of me. I offered them a guest post spot if they wanted to share and so they decided to… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week March 1 – 16: Cuckqueening Back in 2021 we tackled the subject of Cuckolding. At the time I wrote that we would tackle the flip side of that kink, cuckqueening, at a later to here we… Continue Reading →

Butt plugs

Kink of the Week Feb 15 – 28: Butt Plugs Pretty sure I don’t need to explain what butt plugs are to this audience so lets assume the position and slide things into place. Yeah I know, sorry. Are you… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week Feb 1 – 15: Vulva/Vagina We have done penis so now it is the turn of the vulva and vagina and just so everyone is on the same page; The vulva is the external part of… Continue Reading →

Other peoples orgasms

Kink of the Week Jan 16 – 31: Other Peoples Orgasms Yes sex and kink are way more than just orgasms but sometimes orgasms are fucking amazing but what about when they are not your orgasm but other peoples orgasms…. Continue Reading →

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