I love it when someone sees a Kink of the Week topic and gets in touch saying, this one a bit of me. I offered them a guest post spot if they wanted to share and so they decided to answer the questions I posed in the prompt post. Welcome rwbooy to Kink of the Week.

You can find them on Twitter @ArtIncarnadine

Do you have a cuckolding kink?

Yes. I have a cuckolding kink. I am not currently an active cuck with Mistress due to her back issues and pain that the muscular efforts and orgasmic contractions of penetrative sex leave her in. I was primarily a cuck with my ex. (Mistresses back issues are the result of ageing and its affects on injuries she had before we met.)

Do you get off on watching your partner with someone else?

Yes, it gave me great pleasure seeing my ex orgasm. It was enhanced by my locked away helplessness (we used a locked leather sheath back then).

Is there a humiliation factor to it?

Not really… ok, just a little, sometimes, depending on our moods, but not with any malicious intent.

Does feeling jealous turn you on?

Not really. It’s more the excitement of knowing how turned on she is and what is going to happen.

Are you the cuckold or are you the cuckee? (is that a word?)

Generally I was the cuck (that is the word most used – occasionally I would be addressed as ‘cucky’.)
Occasionally I would be the bull (not often but it did happen and I was capable of it.) My ex and I made love 3 to 4 times a week (I was her bread and butter and the bulls her special steak dinners).

Do you love watching your partner seduce and fuck someone else?

I have always be visually driven (hence my art!)

Do you find lovers for them?

For us it was a mutual thing as an embellishment of our existing sexuality. We found them together and decided together just as was done with the threesomes that led into it.

Do you sit and watch or do you watch in secret? Or maybe you don’t get to watch you
only get to listen or hear about it afterwards?

I watched openly. Usually naked, bound and gagged. My helpless sheathed and locked cock displayed to inspire them. Being in such a situation now with my little locked cuckle would be so hot for us that Mistress would cuck me now if she could.

Is orgasm denial involved as part of your kink?

Oh, yes. I was never permitted to have an orgasm on the days she would cuck me. I did of course lick up theirs as compensation.

Are you the partner doing the ‘sleeping around’.

Very rarely. (See the cuck or cuckee question above.)

What is it about cuckolding your partner that you find thrilling? How did you discover
this was a turn on for you both?

It started with me in a bit of bondage play in one of our thressomes and everyone found it so hot. It grew from there into a set of regular bulls and me in a locked sheath at least once or twice a week.

Is cuckolding a form of swinging for you or maybe you only have one other regular partner that you indulge your cuckolding play with?

It started there in effect. After we broke up over other issues years later, there were a few other women I cucked for.

How does it work for them?

Generally it worked very well for her. Seeing me there bound, helpless, knowing I will not be
permitted to orgasm no matter how much I wanted to and that I truly needed to lick up and swallow
theirs afterwards really did inspire her and the bulls to even bigger sex and orgasms.

Have you even been the person invited to be the stud in this situation. How did you feel about the partner watching? Or knowing they were getting off on the humiliation of it?

Very rarely. (See the cuck or cuckee question above.) These wonderful positive experiences are why I still happily identify as a cuck (even if inactive) and what my artworks seek to promote and inspire others to experience.

When Mistresses back began to have issues, we used my cucking’s informal chastity as a way
to help me address my decreasing sexual access. Over the 14 years I have been locked I have
evolved such that my now little and sexually incapable cuckle is formally the filling for my real
locked gentials. This inability that is part of what defines me to myself and the world sexually. It
also re-enforces my cuck identification as that is all I could be for us now.