Last week we talked about how the “end result” of certain types of play makes us feel, either getting or giving.  This week we’re talking about an item that is known to give some delicious marks, and is often the “implement of choice” for those wishing to get marked.

That’s right, we’re talking about…


I probably don’t have to expound on them much, as most people know what a cane is and what it does, and it seems that most folks have a pretty strong reaction to them, either:

  1. Hell yes! or
  2. Hell NO!

Which type are you?  Or maybe you don’t know…maybe you’ve never tried them.  Do you want to? Do they turn you on, do they scare you?

Why do you love or hate them – or love to hate them?

Is there a particular type that you like (or one that you intensely dislike)?

Do canes conjure up fantasy discipline scenes – or perhaps they are an actual disciplinary implement in your BDSM dynamic.

Whether they make you wet or make you cringe – or both! – I wanna hear about it.

So c’mon…Let’s Get Our Kink On!

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