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Now, on to this week’s topic…

Previously we talked about the concept of “real” punishment in a D/s dynamic, one which I characterized thus:

Play punishment is playful, and though painful, still engaged in with the intent of some kind of mutual pleasure or sexual excitement.  A real punishment dynamic is a way of life.  The punishment aspect is not for mutual pleasure (although there may be some satisfaction in it from adhering to the dynamic.)  It’s not about kink or sex, at least in terms of getting hot and bothered.

Now, Molly rightfully made the distinction in her post “Crime and Punishment” that although the punishment itself may not be intended to arouse, the fact that one has agreed to allow their Top/Dominant/Owner/Master/What-Have-You the power to mete out real punishment can be very hot.

But  what about punishment games – “play” punishment, or, as it is sometimes called, “funishment”? A funishment scene is one that – although it oftentimes looks like real discipline or chastisement – is not intended to correct behavior or actually punish bad behavior.  The discipline may be meted out for infractions, but more for fun, for sexual arousal, and for play (even though they may be painful or emotionally charged.)

Many respondents to the “Real Punishment” post noted that their Top doesn’t “need” a reason to spank, whip, tie or beat them – they do it simply because they can, and want to. But I don’t know that a Top or bottom that wants or needs a reason to engage in a discipline scene – even if that reason is a manufactured one – is necessarily a bad thing.  It doesn’t make the activity they are engaged in any less authentic or real for them, or the feelings that are engendered by such a scene less authentic.

In fact I think it can lend an interesting dynamic to a scene.

It seems to me there is also an emotional aspect to it that can be cathartic to both Tops and bottoms, even if it is in play. The reason for the discipline doesn’t have to be real to affect an emotional release or catharsis, or for it move the participants deeply.

Then again, it can just be fun and silliness, as was one of the group funishment scenes I saw at Boardwalk Badness when I was there, with a judge, plaintiffs and defendants (and even a lawyer or two!)

So what are your thoughts on play punishment? On manufacturing infractions and reasons to elicit, or mete out, funishment?

Do you play this way? Is it formalized, or scripted, role play for you? (Teacher/student, judge/plaintiff, policeman/lawbreaker, parent/child, etc.)

Do you “brat” in order to elicit a funishment? If so, have you ever crossed the line and had it turn into real punishment?

What might a typical funishment scene look like? What kinds of discipline might be included in such a scene?

If you engage in this kind of play, what do you get out of it? is it just for “fun,” or is there an emotional aspect to it?

Allrighty then, my wonderful, pervy, sex-blogging friends, let’s Get Our Kink On! and talk about Play Punishment!
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