This week I am honored to have a Guest Blogger in the House!

No, not my actual house, but our little Kink of the Week house.

This week, Marie, the heart and soul of the popular blog Rebel’s Notes, as well as founder of Wicked Wednesday, has agreed to write the introduction for a topic that she suggested: Gorean Slave Positions. Marie is the 24/7 owned submissive of Master T, and writes honestly and from a deeply personal perspective about her journey into submission as a way of life, and about her relationship with her husband & Master. You can also find her tweeting her adventures at @rebelsnotes.

Gorean Slave Training (Positions)

Gorean Slave Position Bracelets

Gorean Slave Position “Bracelets”

The Gorean philosophy is a philosophy espoused in the science fiction novels by John Norman. A number of fans of Norman’s work have attempted to live their lives according to this philosophy.

The majority of Goreans who pursue a “lifestyle” approach often do not consider what they do to be BDSM. However, they are generally considered part of the “kinky” subculture. In that context, they reject the idea of isolated “scenes.” Instead, their practices may be described as 24/7, dominance & submission, and/or Total Power Exchange relationships. BDSM concepts of servitude and slavery typically play a key role in Gorean dynamics.

Part of the Gorean philosophy is training slaves to master different positions. Some of these positions are also used in BDSM relationships which do not follow the Gorean philosophy. Examples can be found here: (Editor’s note: I had to find a new link as the one that Marie sent wasn’t working. If this one doesn’t work, you’ll have to Google “Gorean slave positions” or just “slave  positions” to see what you can find.)

Do you have specific positions that your Master/Mistress/ Dom/Domme expects you to know? How did you practice those positions? Why do you have to know those positions? How frequently are these positions used in your relationship? When do you use these positions? Or maybe you do not use any of these positions in your relationship? Why not? Is there a specific reason for it?

Share your views on submissive positions for this week’s Kink of the Week.

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