Slut, cunt, cock, penis, whore, vagina, fuck, hump, pump, slide, screw, suck, eat, lick, bite, bitch, asshole, snatch, bastard, breasts, tits, rod, member, little girl (little girl? really?), bad boy, come, twat…

Words words words.

Dirty talk.”

What’s that mean to you?

Words are powerful, but they don’t all have power over us equally. What one person gets off on, another may call a limit, find silly, or simply find unsexy.

I found it interesting that when I Googled “dirty talk,” as many images making jokes about talking dirty came up as did links promising to teach a person how to talk dirty.

Obviously society has a conflicted opinion about dirty talk.  They are either snickering about it, or desperately wishing they could do it themselves.

And dirty talk isn’t just words, or calling names. It’s how those words are put together…and when and how they are said…

Are they whispered in your ear, growled from behind your back, spit into your face…?

Do they turn you on or make your hackles rise? Are there certain words that “do it” for you, and others that turn you off? Or maybe even make you angry? Do certain words embarrass you? Are there good words and hurtful words, or does their connotation change depending on when and how they are used?

Do you talk dirty? Did it come naturally or was it a learned behavior? Do you like others to talk dirty to you?

How do you feel about dirty talk?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about…well…Dirty Talk!

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