Thank you to Bibulous for encouraging the lovely Puck to send me this guest post about tasks. You can find puck on Twitter @Swans_puck

Tasks: Proof Of Devotion

For two and a half years, Miss Elizabeth Swan has been setting me tasks of all kinds and driven by many dynamics. It has been such an integral part of Her domination of me that she referred to me as “task man” before i became Her collared slave and was renamed, by Her, puck.

There have been so many tasks that it would be a task in itself to list them all but they do fall into some easily defined groups.

PRE SESSION PREPARATION:  being ordered to find and bring items, such as nettles, to the session or to write and memorise a poem to be recited in the session.

IN SESSION CHORES: being sent to the bank, shops etc to carry out mundane tasks, usually with remote control electrics in place.

REGULAR, ON GOING DUTIES: morning exercises, good night greetings, keeping a list of sins and omissions to be confessed in session. There is always something to be done for Her.

PRACTICAL WORK. Mostly internet research to assist Her in Her many projects both BDSM and vanilla. A full and prompt report is always a necessity.

PRACTICAL CREATIVE WORK; Writing stories, pre-recorded scripts etc for Her to use or sell. Not all are used and i receive no feedback as to why not. Why should i?

E MAIL REPLIES: composing replies for Her to send to those who have sent initial enquiries not couched using Her clear guidelines

CREATIVE DISTANCE: drawing, poetry, story writing all within cleverly prescribed limits. The briefs and instructions clever and well thought through.

WEIRD AND WONDERFUL: watching Hollyoaks and writing a panegyric on it; photographing car and door numbers to add up to a given number. Her imagination knows no bounds.

ZEN? Sorting out multi coloured rice into bowls of the same colour; nose pressed against the wall, waiting for Her call releasing me writing repetitive lines by the hundred. My mind free, the day’s pressures gone as She takes all responsibility and thought from me. Bliss.

Tasks? Almost a pejorative term. They are gifts; Her gift to me of creating, setting and running the process and allowing me the connection that it brings and my gift to Her of happily devoting all my time and energy to complete what She has demanded.

Long may i labour for Her.

Elizabeth Swan’s slave puck 2016

© Elizabeth Swan 2016