Kink of the Week February 1 – 15: Hoods

Hoods come in all shapes, styles and materials. Some cover the entire head, some only a portion, some cover only the mouth or mouth and nose, some the whole face. Some have holes cut in them to allow access to the bottom’s mouth, or have removable pieces that cover the eyes or pieces that can be inserted into the mouth. So many possibilities.

They can be made out of latex, rubber, leather, cloth. A hood can be a shirt wrapped around someone’s head or a $300 piece of specially-crafted leather. There are animal-head hoods, smooth, faceless hoods, and hoods with implements to control a bottom’s ability to breathe. There are hoods that are meant to look sexy or fashionable and others that are clearly meant simply to dehumanize.

Do you own a hood?

Show us, tell us, share your thoughts fantasies, desires when it comes to these wearing a hood. Are you the one wearing it or are you the one watching as your partner sits within the darkness of their face covering?

Is a hood part of fear play or humiliation play or just a means to deprive someone of their sight? Are they sexy or scary or something else entirely?

Or maybe they are one of those things that falls onto your no thank you list. What about them turns you off?

Alternatively are hoods something you have not had a chance to try out yet but in those moments when you are alone with your dirty thoughts does your mind turn to such things? Do you want to try or just keep it a fantasy?

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Image courtesy of A to sub Bee

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